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Introducing the FULL AMP COURSE...

First of all I wanted to thank you for purchasing the "Producer Pack" course recently.

2ndly , I wanted to let you know that we do have a much bigger course called "The AMP Course" .

This course is basically a 1 year course with over 300 lessons and over 100 hours of teaching on everything to do with Music production. From building your own studio, setting up your gear, composition  , music programming , recording, Vocals, EQ, Compression,mixing, FX,Reverb, Mastering and Music Business.

In total the FULL AMP Course is more like 13 courses in one.


The FULL AMP Course Bundle normally sells for $797 but I have a proposition for you.

Lets make a deal !!

So what I wanted to do was first of all let you know that I wanted to not only give you the opportunity to purchase the FULL AMP course at a 50% discount for the next 5 days BUT I also wanted to give you a further 12% discount on top of that for the course you've just purchased if you're interested in upgrading.

i.e. 50% + 12%= 62% discount!

So that means you can upgrade to the FULL AMP Course Bundle for only $297.

This is a HUGE $500 saving but you only have 5 days to decide and then the FULL AMP course bundle will go back up to $797.

Due to our students requests we have also made a multi payment option available of $29 paid over 12 months. Also at the same 62% massive discount.

If you are interested in the UPGRADE opportunity then please click one of the options below.


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