Give Your Music the Fighting Chance it Deserves by Taking advantage of our Proven Hit Music Patterns and Formulas!

  • Popular Chord Structures

    In this resource you will learn the 20 most popular chord structures used in pop music . You will also have access to the music score and MIDI files to download and use them in your own songs. 

  • 20 Common Bass Lines

    You will be surprised to find that 95% of all bass lines fall within one of the 20 bass patterns that I will show you. In this resource you will be able to preview and import any bass pattern using the MIDI files available. 

  • 20 Common Drum Beats

    Most songs no matter what style or genre will fall into one of these 20 categories of drum beats. I will show you exactly how to construct and understand how these beats work . You will also have access to all the MIDI resource files to import into your own songs and assign to your own sounds. 

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