Give me 10 min per day for 3 months and I'll have you sounding like a SUPER Genius Music Programmer with 10 years experience .


The "Music Programming" course is brought to you by AMP (Advanced Music Production) & Presented by multi platinum selling , international award winning music producer David Campos. This course is designed for beginners to intermediates. You will learn how to program music from scratch. You will learn how to do it easily & effectively using David's techniques developed over 25 years of experience. 





Fundamental Concepts Covered in Music Programming 

The 4 Building Blocks of Music

We break apart music and teach you how to listen to music with new ears and an analytical mind


Virtual Instruments, Loops and Libraries

You are only as good as your sounds. Great libraries and virtual instruments are critical.


Programming Music From Random Dice

To prove David's categorizational methods and systems we program a song completely from random dice


Cross Rhythms

Cross Rhythms are a critical part of modern music.


Music Programming Techniques



Quantization is imperative when it comes to perfecting timing and feel in music . 



Velocity is one of the best weapons you have in computer music to insert human feel into tracks. 



We will show you the manual way and the automatic way but make no mistake , this is an immensely useful tool. 


Music Programming Methods/Workflow

In this series of lessons David will show you his personal methods for programming music and his workflow


Hybrid Sounds

When you learn how to create hybrid sounds this will open an entire world for you of new possibilities . 



David demystifies the infamous ADSR and shows you how to use it in your programming.


Song Structure and Arrangement

This is a very misunderstood concept in music and is often a weak link in newbies, we will show you how. 


Sampling Melodic Loops

Sampling is a very powerful and useful skill to have , David unravels his personal sampling techniques from 25 years of practice.


Sampling Drums & Bass

How to sample world class drums and bass out of commercial tracks and re-use them in your own tracks and not get sued. 


Sampling Chordal Elements

another sampling secret revealed by David 





DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 101


Logic Pro X 101

How to get started programming music for total newbies on Logic Pro X




Pro Tools 101

How to get started programming music for total newbies on Pro Tools





Ableton 101

How to get started programming music for total newbies on Ableton Live





Reaper 101

How to get started programming music for total newbies on Reaper







20 Common Drum Beats





20 Common Bass Lines


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