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Modern Music Composition

The 'Modern Music Composition' course is brought to you by AMP (Advanced Music Production) & Presented by multi platinum selling , international award winning music producer & composer David Campos. This course is designed for beginners to intermediates. You will learn how to compose music from scratch. You will learn how to do it easily & effectively using David's techniques developed over 25 years of experience.

So... What is Inside Modern Music Composition?

Composition Fundamentals

  • What is Composition

    In this video not only you will learn What Composition is , but also what it is NOT

  • Tempo

    It’s time to get up to speed on Tempo

  • Bars & Time Signature

    4/4 , 3/4 or 12/8 ? It all seems so confusing . Let me make it all clear to you

  • Key/Root Note

    sometimes called the humming note , if you don’t know what key you are in then you are lost

Song Structure

  • Song Structure

    A song has a structure and that structure can be broken down into any pieces i.e. Intro , Verse , Bridge Section , Pre-Chorus , Chorus , Middle 8 , Bridge, Outro . In this video I will demystify the whole concept

  • Song Structure Examples

    In this lesson we will analyze other famous songs and understand their song structure

  • Song Structure Examples 2

    In this lesson we will continue to analyze other famous songs and understand their song structure

  • Song Structure Energy Curve

    Every song has a start then it builds and then climaxes and dissipates . There is a lot to gain from understanding this concept


  • The Major Scale

    I will show you the formula for the major scale in this lesson

  • The Minor Scale

    There’s nothing Minor about this scale but I will show you how to construct it anyway

  • The Blues Scale

    The impact of the blues scale on modern music is massive . I will show you exactly how

  • The Pentatonic Scale

    This scale is the basis of all music . Its almost the core of all music

  • Relative Scales

    All scales are actually related .This means that more than one scale can live together in the same song. I use this method almost everyday and this is a very common technique in modern music

Chords & Chord Structures

  • Constructing Major Chords

    In this lesson I will show you how to construct all the Major chords

  • Constructing Minor Chords

    In this lesson I will show you how to construct all the Minor chords

  • Augmented & Diminished Chords

    In this lesson I will show you how to construct all the Augmented and Diminished Chords

  • Inversions

    Inversions are extremely useful when composing and arranging a song. This separates the men from the boys

  • Chord Structures

    There is an art and a science to chord structures .I break the whole idea down to it basics

  • Chord Structures Demonstration

    I will demonstrate how many songs share the exact same chord structures .

Composing Melodies & Harmonies

  • Melody

    Melody is the star of the show and that’s what this lesson is all about

  • Harmony

    Harmony and melody work hand in hand .

  • Compositional methods

    There’s 3 main methods to composition . I will show you them all

  • Free Form Composition

    One of the oldest composition methods

  • Composing On a Beat

    This is fast becoming the method of the future .These days the many songs are composed on top of existing “beats”

  • Direction

    Direction is critical because if you don’t know where you’re going then how do you know when you’ve arrived ?



Popular Chord Structures

In this lesson I will show you the 20 most common chord structures in music history. These chord structures alone cover 90% of all pop music over the last 60 years

What Others Are Saying About the "Modern Music Composition" Course...

What Others Are Saying About the "Modern Music Composition" Course...

Martin Olander

OMG!!! David, this is way above and beyond anything out there including Berklee! They teach you the theory but not how to use it in the real world. I feel blessed and honored to be in this program. Thank you so much for creating this course.

Martin Olander MJO Productions
Thomas Panser

David again thanks alot ,the more I watch and practice the more the picture gets clearer, WOW!!


Thomas Panser

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Got a Few Questions?

Q: Is Modern Music Composition right for me if I'm brand new and just getting started?

Yep. In fact, I'd say it is IDEAL for you if that's the case.

I've been doing this long enough (over 20 years now) and seen so much that... trust me, I WISH I had known and applied this stuff in my own music from Day 1. I'd be a hell of a lot better off if I had.

The material inside "Modern Music Composition" - if you honestly apply it - will shave so much unnecessary hassle and wasted time off your musical growth. We're going to get right to the point and dive straight into the things that truly matter in Music Composition.

Seriously, if you're just starting out... I can't wait to work with you.

Q: How long will it take to go through things and start composing music?

That's up to you. Look, I have no problem in saying that I'm good at what I do and I know the training I create is effective. But, as good as I am, NONE of it matters if you don't back it up with action.

For that reason, anybody who will sit there and promise you'll be a star within a certain timeframe is lying to you and simply telling you what you want to hear. And that's not the way I roll.

My "system" cannot do the work for you and it cannot remove all thinking. The "Modern Music Composition" course is a massive shortcut. I'm pointing out the road and even painting the lines on the side of the road so you don't get off track... but it is still up to you to walk that road. Likewise, it is up to you how fast you travel it.

Q: Will I have access to David?

Of course! While I cannot always guarantee an instant reply, I always prioritize my students to get my responses before I answer anybody else. I WANT you to contact me and ask questions. It is a core benefit of the program.

You’ll be able to email me personally. You can also leave questions and comments under the relevant lessons from inside the course and I’ll get notified on my phone immediately.

Even when I'm not even in my recording studio, I often will answer students questions on my iPhone.

Q: Can I get a refund?

Within your first 30 days of purchase, you can kick the tires and see if this is the right fit for you. During this 30 days, you can request a full refund and we will issue it - no questions asked. Join the community, take action and I'm confident you'll be in for the long haul.

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