Today I made a quick little lesson to show you How to make your music FATTER!

You know...

A lot of these Pop, Hip Hop and EDM tracks have these huge sounds...

And I know the frustration...

you make a beat...

It's got great chords and melodies...

But the problem is ...

It just doesn't have that massive sound you hear on the top40 hits.

Your music just sounds a little limp.

This is where Layering comes in...

Watch the video below because I'm going to show you exactly how to get that FAT elusive sound you are hearing on other peoples tracks.


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    7 replies to "How to Make Your Music Fatter!"

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    • Abram Motshweni

      Thank you David, I’ll apply as I am working on Dance song, I have watched the video on making my songs sound Fatter,God bless you.

    • Vincent Purnell

      Nice nice nice….

    • John

      Excellent demo of how to make a difference. Most of my writing and recording is more classical but the benefits of ‘fattening’ the sound are the same.
      Many thanks

    • Jan/John

      Thank you David, as always your music sounds good. Im a music teacher, do you want a few girls emails who want to be a professional singers? you can be their manager, compose songs for them and make the sound professional.
      Good job David

    • Steve

      Great video David, just type thing I like. The video is about right length too for You Tube. Everyone is in such a hurry these days. Loved the melodies starting at 3 mins in. And idea of swapping the tracks around as the song progresses making it more interesting. Thank you so much always lovely to hear from you.

    • Chinmay

      What would be panning for fattening,
      This changes whole mixing attitude..

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