Dont Waste $10 000s Buying the WRONG Gear !! Let Me Guide You in Setting Up Your World Class Music Studio THE RIGHT WAY  

Introducing the Launch of "Modern Music Gear" 

Modern Music Gear Course

The 'Modern Music Gear' course is brought to you by AMP (Advanced Music Production) & Presented by multi platinum selling , international award winning music producer David Campos. This course is designed for those starting out from scratch and for those who've been tinkering around  their own home studio for years. You will learn how to setup you own home studio from scratch. You will learn how to do it easily & effectively without breaking the bank using David's techniques developed over 25 years of experience.

Syllabus & Subjects Covered in Modern Music Gear 

  • 150 Years of Recording History

    Would you believe that in 2007 we celebrated 150 years of recording history. From the Phonoautograph in 1857.

  • Digital Audio Theory

    Digital Audio Theory might sound a bit complicated or technical or it might scare some people but don’t worry about it ,its very simple. 

  • The OLD Way of Recording

    This is the way gear in studios was connected to each other before the digital revolution

  • The NEW Way of Recording

    In this lesson we are going to look at the new way of recording since the digital revolution.

  • My Personal Digital Music Gear Setup

    Now I’m going to show you my personal music gear setup. This is the same setup I compose music everyday for big budget jingles, corporates , films and album productions.

  • The Home Studio

    When it comes to the Home Studio, this is actually quite a new trend.  Historically, Recording Studios were VERY expensive and VERY complicated and only the rich and famous had access to decent gear or equipment to make really good music.

Hardware & Software Covered in Modern Music Gear

  • Audio Interface / Sound Card

    The Audio Interface, or Soundcard, is the gateway between the real world and the digital world. This is the device that converts and samples the electrical signals from guitars, decks and microphones into 0s and & 1s

  • Microphones

    When it comes to microphones it can sometimes seem confusing trying to figure out which mic to use in which situation but its really not that complicated

  • USB / MIDI Controller

    A MIDI Keyboard is your gateway into the amazing world of virtual instruments and extensive sound libraries out there just waiting for you to use them.  The MIDI keyboard is what you will use to record drums, bass, synths, strings, synths, organs, guitars etc.

  • Speakers / Studio Monitors

    Speakers are your window into your music.They are very important. Not all speakers are equal

  • Misc Gear

    I’m going to speak a little about a few pieces of gear I didn’t cover in the previous lessons

  • Bonus Gear

    Now if you want to go further than this and you have a bit more money to spend, there are a few extra pieces that you could get. These are just bonuses, these are not important pieces of equipment that you must have but they are nice to have. They are pieces that can help you.

  • DAW - Digital Audio Workstations

    This is the software that becomes the brains of your operation.  This is the centerpiece of your studio.

  • 3rd Party FX , Plugins & Virtual Instruments

    The second most important software you’re gonna need is a collection of plug-ins and libraries.


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