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Introducing the FULL AMP COURSE...

First of all I wanted to thank you for purchasing the "DIY Studio" course recently.

2ndly , I wanted to let you know that we do have a much bigger course called "The AMP Course" .

This course is basically a 1 year course with over 300 lessons and over 100 hours of teaching on everything to do with Music production. From building your own studio (which you've already purchased), setting up your gear, composition , music programming, recording, Vocals, EQ, Compression,mixing, FX,Reverb, Mastering and Music Business.

In total the FULL AMP Course is more like 16 courses in one.


The FULL AMP Course Bundle normally sells for $797 but I have a proposition for you.

Lets make a deal !!

So what I wanted to do was first of all let you know that I wanted to not only give you the opportunity to purchase the FULL AMP course at a 50% discount for the next 5 days BUT I also wanted to give you a further 12% discount on top of that for the course you've just purchased if you're interested in upgrading.

i.e. 50% + 12%= 62% discount!

So that means you can upgrade to the FULL AMP Course Bundle for only $297.

This is a HUGE $500 saving but you only have 5 days to decide and then the FULL AMP course bundle will go back up to $797.

Due to our students requests we have also made a multi payment option available of $29 paid over 12 months. Also at the same 62% massive discount.

If you are interested in the UPGRADE opportunity then please click one of the options below.


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