Introducing the Subscriber's Secret Sale

Once a year we do a Subscriber's Secret Sale. This sale is for subscribers only.  At some point in the past you entrusted us with your email address (and we promised not to spam you) when you signed up to our mailing list.  This is just one of the ways we would like to say, "Thank you for your support!"

As a subscriber you already have access to dozens of free crash courses and free content. Subscribers asked us to go even deeper into the subjects than the crash courses allowed and so we created AMP Membership.

AMP membership is an enthusiastic (if somewhat quirky) community passionate about creating and producing quality music and getting the best sound and beats. This is for those subscribers who want to take their music knowledge and skill to that next level.

AMP members have access to over 350 lessons and over 100 hours of teaching on everything to do with Music Production:

From building your own studio, Setting up your gear, Composition , Music programming , Recording, EQ, Compression, FX, Reverb, Mixing, Mastering, Music Business and much more...

AMP members have access to over 17 in-depth courses and counting as we add new material weekly.

Normally, if you purchased these courses individually it would cost over $1700. AMP membership costs only $39/Month which is already a great deal compared to buying each course at full price one by one. But Wait! It gets even better!

This is where the Subscriber's Secret Sale comes in !!

So What's Inside AMP Membership?

Once you register you will get immediate access to all AMP material and all the course content which is pretty extensive.  We already have over 17 fully comprehensive and easy-to-understand courses.  


This is a much misunderstood subject and to make it worse Mastering is an ever evolving science. We will demystify these concepts and get you mastering your own music in no time. We cover the fundamentals to equip you to make the most of your music and then we take you to the latest techniques to keep up to date with trends and modern mastering developements.

Music Business

Music business can be a minefield of potentially dangerous moves for an artist or music producer. The players in the industry, the record labels, the media, the contracts you sign can all blow up in your face if you are not aware of what you should and shouldn't do. We will cover traditional music business models and contracts as well as the new trend of internet based independent artists who are pioneering the way music business is done.

  • Over 350 lessons
  • Over 150 hours of video
  • We are constantly adding new courses
  • We keep up to date with technology and software
  • At least 10 new courses in the pipeline and more coming
  • All lessons have Video & downloadable PDF transcripts
  • 17 courses and counting...

Join the AMP Community

What our Students are Saying About AMP

John Toffelmire John Toffelmire, Music Producer - Canada

David does a great job presenting the course and as far as the content goes it’s absolutely over the top.  Compared to the courses I’ve taken in the past, including ones from Berklee Music online, there is just far more content and it’s in-depth.  The man teaches you the right questions to ask yourself during the process and shows you so many things that none of the other ones do.  That’s why I’m doing the testimonial.  It’s so exciting taking this particular course.  As far as the cost goes it’s basically a fraction of what you pay for the so called “Better Courses.”  As you can see the learning curve goes on for life, older guys take courses too.  What I have to say to David Campos is “Thank you very much and you’ve done a great job. It’s really helped my productions

 Tim Thackery Tim Thackery, Music Producer - United Kingdom

I find that these videos are very well priced and can save you a lot of time.  For example, I’ve been interested in getting into music production for a few years, it’s been a very long and laborious process.  The information you get on the internet is very sketchy and you can’t rely on it. The videos from AMP were very helpful and were very clear and easy to understand without being overly complicated.  I found that the way David constructs his videos provides an atmosphere for inspiration…If I’d have gone straight to AMP and had a look at the videos I would have saved myself months of time and energy.  

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I also wanted to make this a no-brainer.  I want to remove all the risk from you and that’s why I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee.  So if for any reason you are not happy, maybe it doesn’t suit you, just send us an email and we will send you a full refund, no questions asked, no hard feelings, we can stay friends.

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This is going to help you take your music to the next level.  It’s going to help you take your music production to where it deserves to be.  You can register right now for AMP membership and once you pay with your credit card or via Paypal you will get an email within 5 minutes with your login details and your password and you will be able to get in there right now and get started learning all about music production. 

Got a Few Questions?

Q: Is this membership right for me if I'm brand new and just getting started?

Yep. In fact, I'd say it is IDEAL for you if that's the case.

I've been doing this long enough (over 20 years now) and seen so much that... trust me, I WISH I had known and applied this stuff in my own music from Day 1. I'd be a hell of a lot better off if I had!

The material inside AMP - if you honestly apply it - will shave so much unnecessary hassle and wasted time off your musical growth. We're not going to mess around with cutesy little stuff often taught by other online music teachers without any success of their own in the music industry. We're going to get right to the point and dive straight into the things that truly matter in Music Production.

Seriously, if you're just starting out... I can't wait to work with you.

Q: How long will it take to go through things and start making music?

That's up to you. Look, I have no problem in saying that I'm good at what I do and I know the training I create is effective, But, as good as I am, NONE of it matters if you don't back it up with action.

For that reason, anybody who will sit there and promise that you'll be a star within a certain timeframe is lying to you and simply telling you what you want to hear. That's not the way I roll.

My "system" cannot do the work for you and it cannot remove all thinking. What AMP is in essence is a massive shortcut. I'm pointing out the road and even painting the lines on the side of the road so you don't get off track... but it is still up to you to walk that road. Likewise, it is up to you how fast you travel it.

Q: Will I have access to David?

Of course! While I cannot always guarantee an instant reply, I always prioritize my AMP members to get my responses before I answer anybody else. I WANT you to contact me and ask questions. It is a core benefit of the program.

You’ll be able to email me personally. You can also leave questions and comments under the relevant lessons from inside the AMP Community and I’ll get notified on my mobile immediately.

Even when I'm not even in my recording studio, I often will answer AMP member questions in the Community from my iPhone.

Q: Can I get a refund?

The AMP membership is billed on a monthly or annual basis depending on the option you choose. Within your first 30 days of membership, you can kick the tires and see if this is the right fit for you. During these 30 days, you can request a full refund and we will issue it - no questions asked. After that period, if you do not cancel, you will be rebilled on the schedule you have selected and we do not offer refunds on rebills. There are no refunds of partial months, including upgrades or downgrades of membership. Join the community, take action and I'm confident you'll be in for the long haul.

Q: How can I cancel my membership?

Real, recurring results in your music growth come by sticking around long term rather than playing "musical chairs" with online training courses. However, should you wish to cancel, all you need to do is email us and we will take care of the rest.

  • 30 Day

    Money Back Guarantee

  • Secure


  • Privacy


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