DIY Studio

How to build your own effective and fully functional recording studio at home on a budget without too much effort and headache . Get more info...





Programming Box






Music Programming

We will show you how to compose music , program beats and perfect your songs using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and virtual instruments. Get more info...






Modern Music Composition Box smaller





Modern Music Composition (Coming March 2014)

Learning about Scales , Chords , Song structure , melody and harmony has to be in the context of our modern music environment. We unveil industry standards, formulas and workflow in songwriting and composition methods practiced everyday by hit songwriters and successful music producers.





Music Gear Box smaller






Music Gear (Coming April 2014)

From the old days of analogue equipment to the digital revolution that followed , we cover the ins and outs of recording gear and how it's changed the world of music production.





studio recording box smaller





Studio Recording (Coming April 2014)

You can have all the music programming skills in the world but sometimes nothing is better than recording a real musician with a real mic. When it comes to recording vocals , guitar , brass and strings, a little bit of technique can go a long way.



EQ & Compression







EQ & Compression (Coming May 2014)

Get the fundamentals of EQ and Compression right and that will eliminate 90% of your mixing headaches .





Mixing music







Mixing Music (Coming June 2014)

Learn simple yet effective techniques to get that perfect mix and give your music the quality it deserves .




Music Business








Music Business (Coming July 2014)

This is where we go into the strategy necessary to make money from your music and at the same time protect yourself when it comes to the world of music business.

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