Acoustics Crash Course Video 4

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DIY Studio

The "DIY Studio" course is brought to you by AMP (Advanced Music Production) & Presented by multi platinum selling , international award winning music producer David Campos. This course is designed for beginners to intermediates. You will learn how to build your own recording studio from scratch. You will learn how to do it cheaply, easily & effectively using common & readily available materials.

Fundamental Concepts Covered in DIY Studio

  • Why Studio Acoustics Matter

    The importance of acoustics in mixing & recording can not be under emphasized

  • Sound Proofing Fundamentals

    Learn all about the fundamentals of sound and acoustics

  • Sound Isolation Vs Sound Treating

    These are the two main objectives of studio acoustics

  • Standing Waves & Room Modes

    We look at the main causes of bass resonance problems in rooms

  • Sound Treating Tools

    We cover what sound treating tools we have at our disposal

Studio Design

  • All in One Vs Separate Booth

    We look at all the options for studio design

  • My Studio Design

    We go through my personal studio design

  • Studio Layout Design

    This is critical in achieving optimum stereo response and bass control

  • Studio My Studio Layout

    My personal studio layout plan implementing the rules from the previous lesson

  • Plugs, Lights, Audio Cables & Wiring

    How to plan for these misc. elements before you start to build

  • My Plugs, Lights, Wiring & Audio Cables

    My personal studio plan for these misc. elements

Studio Construction

  • Partitions & Drywalls

    We look at some principles to consider like mass & de-coupling etc

  • My Partitions & Drywalls

    My personal partition and drywall plan using mass & de-coupling

  • Ceilings

    Everything you need to know about ceilings in a recording studio

  • Booth Construction

    How to prepare and build a vocal booth

  • Doors

    Doors can be a weak link in your sound isolation. I teach you how to solve that

  • Windows

    You will learn exactly what to watch out for when it comes to windows

  • Lighting

    Planning and preparing for your lighting in your studio

  • Plugs / Electrical outlets

    Power & power points can cause many problems with audio, but don’t worry

  • Audio Wiring

    Audio wiring solutions for your new studio

  • Studio Treatment Layout

    Demystifying the role of sound treating tools and how to use them

  • Absorber Panels DIY

    I will teach you how to build your own DIY absorber panels cheaply & easily.

  • Bass Traps DIY

    How to build your own DIY bass traps affordably and without any nails

  • Booth Treatment

    Treating a booth is different to treating a control room I will show you how…


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