is run and owned by David Campos.

David Campos has been composing music and singing in recording studios since the age of 5 . He has been working professionally in the music industry for over 25 years now. He dropped out of school at 16 to work as an apprentice full time in the music production world. He started his first music production company at 22 and has since gone on to owning 3 record labels, owning a music publishing label , an artist management company , a music distribution company , a film production company and now the internet based learning platform known as AMP (Advanced Music Production) . is all about equipping , empowering and helping young aspiring and talented musicians, producers and beatmakers to reach their potential through high quality online media at a reasonable price.

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A little bit more info about David Campos ...

David Campos has sold more than 1 500 000 records in his career as a record producer.

He has won a New York Clio award for music composed for a TV advertisement campaign , a SAMA award amongst numerous other awards.

He has sat as a judge on the Vuka awards panel and many other advertising and music industry related panels.

David Campos has produced several gold and multi-platinum selling albums .

He has composed commissioned pieces for TV advertising campaigns for almost every country in the world.

David Campos has also composed music for TV shows for MTV , SABC  amongst many others .

David Campos has composed music for film with entrants into the Cannes film festival and other documentaries .

Here is some of the advertising clients that David has worked on their brand music campaigns over the years for all over the world .

Coca Cola, Hyundai, UNO Fiat, Imax, Krups, McDonalds, Nestle, Sprite, Toyota, FIFA world cup Soccer, Danone, Aquafresh, Gillete, Vaseline, GlaxoSmithKline, Nokia, Unilever, Purity, Twinsaver, Standard Bank, Biblos Bank, Tiger Brands, Nedbank, Emporers Palace,  ABSA, Cotlands, Dulce Cafe, MTN, ETV, Edgars, Glasfit, Glo, Hansa, Multichoice, Jet, Legit, National Lottery, M Tag, Pick n Pay, OBC Chicken, OXY, Ricoffy, Rainbow Chicken, NCP Yeast & SABC.